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The Busy Woman's Guidebook to Vibrant Vitality 

Looking for a high return on your time investment?  The Busy Woman's Guidebook offers fast (and body-loving!) solutions for transforming busy into full and vibrant.  

Imagine having more energy and more time for the things that bring you the most joy and vitality.  Learn how today...

eBook Edition

available for Kindle
$12.99 $8.99 for a limited time
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Book (Print Edition)

volume discounts available 
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Book (En Español)

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eBook:  now available
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Audio Course

You'll get the 10-week audio program

(your step-by-step journey to Vibrant Vitality designed especially for Busy Women)

PLUS access to the Member Area

PLUS a copy of the print book

PLUS our shaker cup (great for staying hydrated)

$229 for a limited time

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$229 for a Limited Time

Special Volume Discount

Discounts offered for bulk sales 10 books or more.

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Coaching Packages

Interested in personalized coaching?  Here's what to do... 

To ensure each private client receives my focused time, energy, and attention, I only work with a limited number of one-on-one clients.  If you are ready to experience the next level of wellness and vitality, it would be my pleasure and honor to work with you.   Contact me today so we can get you on the schedule.  For more information, and to check availability, email Hello at FueltheBodyWell dot com, or fill out the form on our coaching page here.

The Digestion Zone App
(Digestion Timer)



Incorporating the RIGHT tiny habits into your day can make a really big difference in how much energy you have.

With more energy, we have more time to enjoy our full lives rather than be weighed down by them.

Since the right tiny routines make such a big difference in our lives... do be sure to treat yourself to our free Busy Woman's Vitality Toolkit, so you can invite more wellness into your life starting today.  Sign up today!

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Too many women are carrying the weight of their full lives.  They don't know these fast techniques and frameworks for Vitality are available as tools for them to have the energy to ENJOY their full lives.  It's because of you and our other wonderful clients that more people are learning to Shine From the Inside, Out!  Together, we make a difference.   xo,  Simona