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Energy-boosting, Stress-busting tools

Wellness... without everything else on your plate piling up

Incorporating the right tiny routines can make a really big difference in how much energy we have.  With more energy, there is more time to enjoy our full lives rather than be weighed down by them.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

The secret to transforming busy into full and Vibrant is knowing which techniques have the best impact.  Welcome to your resource for boosting your energy in a healthy and body-loving way!


I just want to publicly thank you for being such an inspiration to me.  You make a difference more than you will ever know."

- T.H.

She exudes a contagious energy that lifts up everyone she comes in contact with”


oh my goodness!  Can I tell you - I listened to the CD twice.  On the way home yesterday and on the way back to work this morning.  Both times I realized more about myself and discovered more of what I am happy with and not happy with and exactly what the point is! Just listening things out twice has already helped!!!!  xoxoxoxoxoxxo Can’t wait for next week!!"


I listened to two CD’s today because I had a lot of driving to do & I LOVE THEM!  Thanks for all the great info!  I love listening to you!"


Hey Simona, I am listening to you in my car… lovely voice, easy to listen to, great tips, my kids listen too.  I am enjoying taking deep breaths - something I need to do more often - and also thinking about my true north… have a great day."


Short on time?

Here's the good news... there are fast and effective tools to turn busy and stressed into something beneficial for your well-being.

What's the catch?  You'll need to invest a lunchtime to learn them.  But once you do, you'll have them to keep!  Grab your lunch and your headphones and you'll learn high return on time investment techniques for thriving when you are busy.

I can never thank you enough for how you have changed my life in becoming a healthier person.  You have been incredibly supportive and I consider myself extremely lucky to have a coach as amazing as you are."


Wellness...without everything else on your plate piling up

The most potent wellness routines take less time than you might think

Hi, I’m Simona Vivi Hadjigeorgalis

Wondering which wellness techniques have the best impact? I was too.  My Vibrant Vitality journey started out of necessity so I could have the energy I needed to juggle (and enjoy!) all that was on my plate.

At 32, I found myself in a position I had never expected to be in.  I was getting divorced.  There were a lot of pieces of my life to be picked up and put back together.  It was challenging, but I had great incentive… I wanted to create an amazing life for my kids.

As a single working mother, I needed to create techniques that worked around my busy schedule so I could fit wellness around my work and kids  (not fit my work and kids around my wellness). With practice and experience, I refined my techniques and went from using sheer will and adrenaline to fuel my busy life, to reaching for my "fuel drops" and enjoying the journey.

Transforming busy into full and vibrant makes a world of difference!!! And it's a good thing too because now my life is even FULLER... ...the personal ps to this story is at 40 I got re-married to my soul partner.  While I am no longer doing all of this on my own, I still reach for my fuel drops!

FueltheBodyWell.com is here to make wellness as simple for you as possible. We often have so much on our plates. And that "so much" can be everything we've dreamed of when we have the Energy and Vitality to enjoy it!

To learn more about this website, our wellness philosophy, and more, check out the about page.


To learn more about this website, our wellness philosophy, and more, check out the about page.


"I recently turned 40 and decided it was time to take stock of my life.  While I was blessed with a beautiful family that I was grateful for, I wasn’t where I wanted to be personally.  I was in a stressful, unfulfilling job, I spent more time rushing to and fro with my family versus really cherishing them, and I had packed on 30 pounds in the last three years. I needed to make some very real changes in my life but I knew I was past the “quick fix” diet stage of my life.  What I was looking for was a method to improve my health in meaningful ways that allowed for more health, balance, and peace in my life.  I found The Busy Woman’s Guide to Vibrant Vitality audio course and that it sounded like a different approach that may be worth trying. Within 20 minutes of listening to the first audio, I knew I had made the right choice.  Simona’s approach begins with finding your purpose (your true north as she calls it). If done correctly, this is a powerful first step! From there she offers up practical and simple tools to slowly tweak your daily life to welcome in balance, health and harmony. What I really appreciated is that the program allows for you to go at your own pace which is such a contrast to the typical “throw everything out of your panty” method I was accustomed to. The conversations with yourself are powerful and so insightful, amazing what is hiding beneath the surface just waiting for you to ask and listen. The results of this wellness program really come from the inside out, starting with a feeling of overall harmony. I will tell you this is a journey, not just a quick fix, but it is well worth it. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready for real change.”

- L.S.

Simona’s guide to vitality is exactly that!  Her brilliant application for practicality in wellness makes self-care an “of course” kind of thing. The Busy Woman's Guidebook to Vibrant Vitality is a true gift to the woman that chooses to say YES to herself with the support of Simona’s wisdom, gentleness, and fantastic pacing for adding more aliveness to your everyday living.  I have completed the Guide, and yet, it is still working its way into my daily practices.  For me, that is a sign of true guidance."


Incorporating the RIGHT tiny habits into your day can make a really big difference in how much energy you have.

There are so many wellness tips out there for women, but most of the advice assumes we have the time to focus on ourselves....

...most women I know are WAY TOO BUSY to spend that kind of time, the reality is wellness has to fit around our schedule, not the other way around!

From one busy woman to another, I want to you have some really amazing tools in your toolbox.  We can live life at the next level when we have energy to enjoy our busy lives (rather than be weighed down by them).

I wish you abundant wellness today and always!!!