Cleansing Green Smoothie

green smoothie to support your sugar recovery

There are green smoothies that we drink because they are delicious and nutritious….. AND… there are the cleansing green smoothies. Cleansing Green Smoothie The cleansing green smoothie is the option for kick-starting your wellness routine.  If you are noticing your body is starting to have really strong cravings for food that does not fuel you […]

5 steps to coming out of a cookie tailspin

coming out of a cookie tailspin

Even when we love the feeling of vibrant wellness, we sometimes make choices that do not fuel our bodies well. Sometimes it’s in celebration, sometimes we are around foods that remind us of special memories and our emotions step-in and take over.  Sometimes we don’t want to say no to a sweet elderly grand-aunt that […]

Green Smoothie 101

Green smoothies 101

Why green smoothies? In an effort to incorporate more greens into my diet, I began my green smoothie experiments and have made over 1,000 smoothies since then.  My green smoothie adventure has taught me that bitter is an acquired taste, and with time and experimenting, I am growing continually more fond of greens.  Here is […]