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What is your Why? What’s your fuel going to be today?

Have you thought about it consciously?
What’s your plan for loving on yourself today?


Hi, it’s Simona and Antonios. Welcome to FueltheBodyWell.com.  As you explore the site, if you have any questions, leave a comment or  email us.  We are a person-to-person business and we are here to support you on your wellness journey.


What we offer

On this site, we offer tools to support you in fueling your body well.  Read the site to learn how to fuel YOUR body well.  If you want to dive deeper, check out the Wellness Home Study Courses.

Our bodies are wise!   Shine from the inside, out….

Find the tools and tips to support you in connecting with your own inner wisdom.

What you will NOT find here

You will not find quick fixes or magic pills.   Can you lose weight using these tools?  Yes, but it will be a natural extension of being healthy.

Our bodies deserve our love and respect.   Our bodies deserve fuel that optimizes.  Our bodies deserve movement.  Our bodies deserve positive attention.

Our bodies are exactly where they are in this moment.  The question is—what decisions are you making today and are you on the path you want to be?

More details about what you’ll find on FueltheBodyWell.com

Wellness Home Study Courses

Come explore the best home study courses in wellness.

Great tools

There are tons of great tools throughout the site.  If I had to only highlight one, I’d say, check out the Digestion ZoneTM for a simple and effective technique for giving our bodies the time they need to convert our food into fuel.


Be inspired to connect with the wisdom and power of your human vehicles. Check out Fuel the Body Well tips for some practical tips, or do the Human Vehicle Inspection.


You wouldn’t put sewer water in your car and expect it to run optimally. The same is true for how we fuel our bodies.

Find great recipes and tips for how to optimally “fuel” your beautiful human vehicle.


Regular physical activity is an important component of health and wellness. There are so many options for moving your body, it’s just a matter of finding the one that resonates with you enough to be inspired to do it as part of your routine.

And more!

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We wish you health and happiness on your own paths doing the things that bring you joy and make you authentically you.


We are everyday athletes, not doctors.
We are real people that love food, movement, and value our health and wellness.   We are not medical professionals.  Our articles and recommendations are based on our personal experience and are for informational purposes, not medical advice.


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Simona and Antonios